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HUD-Certified Homeowner Counseling

The Housing Counseling Department is located on 
554 Valley Way, Building 4, Milpitas CA, 95035

The Housing Counseling Services Department is a HUD-certified counseling branch of Project Sentinel that is monitored, audited, and funded by HUD.
Please note there is certain information we are required to ask and collect from clients based on HUD regulations.
Depending on our funding at any given time, some services may be free of charge. 

First Time Home Buyer Education 

Learn the fundamentals of home buying! Our classes meet HUD requirements for obtaining a HUD certificate which is needed for various BMR and DPA programs. Classes are offered in San Jose, CA. 

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Seniors who are 62 or older can access money through the equity in their home by obtaining a Reverse Mortgage. Getting a Reverse Mortgage is a viable option for seniors who are at risk of foreclosure, need additional monthly income, or wish to purchase a home.

Foreclosure Prevention, Mortgage Delinquency & Default Counseling 

Free counseling available for homeowners who are concerned about their mortgage. The goal of this counseling is to help homeowners stabilize their finances and rectify their debt through education, awareness, and practice homeowner involvement. 

Financial & Credit Counseling

Personalized one on one counseling sessions that teach participants how to establish or rebuild credit, create a sustainable spending plan, manage debt and save for the future. 

Pre-Purchase Counseling

Counseling tailored to determining if clients are financially ready to purchase a home. 

Post-Purchase Counseling

Counseling tailored  to a homeowner's inquiries such as the responsibilities of home ownership, reducing monthly home expenses, types of insurance, and home maintenance.

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