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Fair Housing
Guides and FAQs

Our guides and FAQs provide information about protected classes, Fair Housing rights, the signs of discrimination, and information on what to do to protect yourself in the case of housing discrimination.

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Fair Housing Toolkit for Immigrants 

A resource for social service agencies, members of the immigrant community and their advocates to assist with understanding national origin discrimination.

Taking Notes

Housing Discrimination Against National Origin & Immigration Status

Are you concerned your landlord is discriminating against you because of your immigration status? Learn more about housing discrimination against national origin. 

Residential Housing Complex

Housing Discrimination: Retaliation

Has your landlord threatened to evict you because you have complained about unsafe living conditions? Learn more about housing discrimination retaliation. 

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Housing Discrimination Against Survivors of Sexual Harassment

Learn more about discrimination against survivors of sexual harassment and assault.


Housing Discrimination Against Survivors of Domestic Violence

Learn more about housing discrimination against survivors of domestic violence. 

Gay Family

Housing Discrimination Against Sex, Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation

Learn more about housing discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodations Toolkit for People with Disabilities 

A step-by-step guide for both people with disabilities and their advocates to explain how to request a disability-related reasonable accommodation.

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Service and Support AnimalsFair Housing Rights & Responsibilities

Learn more about how to request an accommodation and the guidelines that must be followed in regards to service or support animals.

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Housing Discrimination Against Veterans & Military

California’s Fair Housing and Employment Act now prohibits discrimination against members of the military and veterans. Learn more about veteran discrimination.

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Guide to Renting and Managing Properties the Fair Housing Way

A guide with an overview of how to ensure you are complying with the fair housing laws for your rental property.

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National Origin Discrimination for Property Managers & Owners 

Are you renting the fair housing way? Learn about national origin discrimination when you're renting your property.

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Advertising the Fair Housing Way

Learn about how to advertise your property the fair housing way and the signs of discrimination that you should look out for when advertising.

Suburb Houses

Fair Housing Toolkit for People with Criminal Records and Their Advocates

This toolkit is for members of the re-entry community and their advocates.


Project Sentinel's Fair Housing Symposium

Resources from our Fair Housing Symposium.

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Other Organization Resources

Fair Housing resources from other organizations.

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