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Resources for the Immigrant Community
Housing Discrimination Due to National Origin

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What is National Origin Discrimination?

Are you concerned your landlord is discriminating against you because of your immigration status? 


It is illegal for a property manager or owner to treat a tenant or potential tenant differently based on birthplace, ethnicity, culture, or ancestry.
This includes refusing to rent or make necessary
repairs to a unit, or harassing a tenant because of their perceived national origin.

Click to download our National Origin & Immigration Status: Housing Discrimination brochure for detailed information. 

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Has your landlord threatened to evict you because you have complained about unsafe living conditions?

It is illegal for your landlord to harass, attempt to evict, raise the rent or take any other kind of retaliatory action because you attempted to exercise your fair housing rights. 

Click to download our Housing Discrimination: Retaliation brochure for detailed information. 

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Are you concerned about finding housing?

Are you looking for a rental, but concerned the landlord will ask for a social security number? ​Do you have bad credit or no credit? Are you concerned about negotiating the lease because you do not speak English well?

The fair housing toolkit is a resource created for social service agencies, members of the immigrant community and their advocates to assist with understanding national origin discrimination, and includes tips for creating a renter's resume. 





Click to download our New Toolkits!!

Click above to download our Renting & Managing the Fair Housing Way flyer for detailed information. 

Are you renting the fair housing way? Download our flyer to learn about housing discrimination and particularly national origin discrimination. Make sure your renting practices are compliant with fair housing laws. 

National Origin Discrimination for Property Managers and Owners 

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