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Tenant-Landlord Dispute Resolution
Guides and FAQs

Our guides and FAQs provide information about the rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords when leasing.

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How to Protect Your Rights as a Tenant

Use this checklist to help navigate your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

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Successful Tenant Checklist

A helpful checklist for things to review when considering a rental unit. Use this list to help set you up for success as a renter.

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Security Deposits

A security deposit is a deposit or a fee that the landlord requires a tenant to pay at the beginning of the tenancy. Learn more about security deposits and how they are applied.

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How to Avoid Security Deposit Disputes

Disagreements about security deposits are a leading cause of disputes. Following reasonable guidelines can help both sides to avoid stressful and time consuming conflicts.

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Dangers to Avoid Before Renting

Check this list before renting to avoid potential dangers and rental issues like scams and other red flags.

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Renting a Mobile Home

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities when renting a mobile home - for tenants and landlords. 

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Tenant Privacy Rights - Landlord Right to Enter

Every tenant has a right to privacy, and the right to live in the rental property in “quiet enjoyment”. Learn more about tenant privacy rights.

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Repairs, Maintenance, and Habitability 

All residential leases contain an implied warranty of habitability. Learn more about a landlord's responsibilities for repairing and maintaining a rental.

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Rent Increases

Learn about when your landlord can raise your rent and under what terms.

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Neighbor Rights and  Responsibilities

Learn more about the rights and responsibilities of adjacent neighbors in the types of disputes that often occur between them.

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Navigating the Small Claims Court Process

Learn more about the small claims court process and what to do before and during your claim if your dispute involves small claims court.

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Rent Caps, Just Cause, and Other Rental Laws

Learn more about state laws governing rent caps, Just Cause, and other rental issues.

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Terminating a Tenancy

Learn more the kinds of leases and how to terminate your tenancy based on the type of lease.

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Termination Notice Requirements

A written notice is required from either a landlord or a tenant seeking to terminate a tenancy. The notice must be in writing and must be properly served. Learn more about these notices.

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Your Rights When Your Rental Unit is Being Converted to a Condo

Understand your rights when your rental unit is converted to a condo.

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3-Day Notice Requirements

A landlord may serve a written 3-day notice to a tenant for any violation of the lease or rental agreement. Learn more about when and how a can landlord can serve a 3-day notice.

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Constructive Eviction is Illegal

Learn more about constructive eviction, it's legality, and exceptions to it.

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Other Organizational Resources

Tenant-Landlord resources from other organizations.

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