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Tenant/Landlord Dispute Resolution

Project Sentinel is currently offering services over the phone, in-person or by email. We provide assistance to individuals who experience tenant-landlord issues.


We currently serve the counties of San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Stanislaus, and serving the cities of Merced and Fremont.


Call us to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or a landlord when it comes to navigating complicated housing issues. Our counselors can inform you about your options and help you take the steps needed to resolve your issue.

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California rent increase caps & eviction protections

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Our staff and mediators can assist you and any other party in resolving your dispute. We remain neutral and keep all conversations confidential. In mediation, all parties meet either in person or via phone or video conferencing. A trained neutral mediator can help draft agreements that can be enforceable in Court.

Our conciliation and mediation programs by location


Project Sentinel maintains a panel of professional arbitrators. Just like judges, arbitrators hear housing cases and issue legally binding decisions that explain the parties' respective responsibilities based on all applicable laws. We currently provide arbitration for the cities of Mountain View, Hayward, and Los Gatos.

Our arbitration programs


We offer tailored mediation and facilitation courses on a regular basis. Our basic mediation class exceeds the mediation certification requirements.

Our facilitation classes help participants become successful facilitators, for their own meetings and for community meetings and other public events.

General Training Information

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Contact our Tenant-Landlord Dispute Resolution Services for Support

Call us: (408) 720-9888

1490 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95050

We have Satellite Offices in Fremont (39155 Liberty St Suite D440), San Mateo County (1615 Hudson St, Ste. A, Redwood City), Stanislaus County (1231 8th St, Suite 425, Modesto), and South County (8339 Church St #104, Gilroy). 

Project Sentinel and Legal Aid at Work have partnered up to launch a new project for workers’ rights in the Central Valley. Legal Aid at Work is a workers' rights non-profit that provides free legal services to low-wage workers throughout the state. The new project is aimed at serving workers, regardless of immigration status, who are facing workplace problems such as discrimination, retaliation, and harassment; wage theft; accommodations and leave; unemployment insurance; immigration-based retaliation; rights of survivors of domestic violence and stalking; LGBTQ workers' rights; and issues related to COVID-19. Workers can get connected with these services by calling Legal Aid at Work's Central Valley Helpline at 209-497-4399.

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