We are here to assist with disputes over rent payments, evictions or any other housing issues during COVID-19 and beyond.

During COVID-19, we will be offering all of our services remotely. If you need assistance from our dispute resolution team, please find the right person to contact below. All counseling and dispute resolution services are provided free of charge.

What you need to know about the law

Various restrictions (moratoriums) on evictions have been enacted at the federal, state, county and city level. They protect tenants from action being taken for non-payment of rent provided the tenant has notified the landlord that due to impacts from the COVID-19 emergency, they are unable to pay full rent.


If a tenant can't pay rent, they do not need to fear an eviction.


It is important to note:


  1. Once the moratorium ends, tenants are responsible for paying full rent, unless they work out an agreement otherwise. We can help tenants and landlords craft those agreements - call or email us.

  2. The unpaid rent during the moratorium must be paid back within a certain period of time, depending where you live.

  3. Laws are changing rapidly as new information on the development of the pandemic is released. The best way to learn about your rights during COVID-19 is to check for information on your City's or County's website or to call us. Please check for updates regularly or call or email us for more information.

Local law on moratoriums:

Santa Clara County

San Mateo County

Alameda County

San Jose Eviction Moratorium

San Jose Rent Increase Moratorium

Palo Alto

Mountain View

City of Santa Clara



Santa Clara County's eviction moratorium has been extended through July 28, 2020.  Tenants now have up to 6 months after the moratorium expires or terminates to repay at least 50% of the past-due rent, and up to 12 months after the moratorium expires or terminates to repay in full the past-due rent. More information here.

What you can do

Contact us


We can assist with the following:

  • Inform you about any laws that may affect you

  • Refer you to other agencies or organizations that may be able to help solve your problem

  • Provide counseling on the steps you can take

  • Help tenants and landlords work out a rent payment plan

  • Help property owners communicate with their lender

  • Etc.


Notify your landlord


In some counties and cities, tenants must inform their landlords that they may not be able to pay or partially pay rent during the moratorium. Download the fillable pdf template.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Call 408-780-9134 or visit www.sacredheartcs.org/covid19

The Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System has temporary financial assistance available to help low-income residents who have lost income and are unable to pay rent as a result of COVID-related impacts. If you live in a City with a Community Services Agency, be sure to contact them for additional financial assistance options.

Notify your tenant

If you are a landlord and you don't know if your tenant(s) may or may not be financially impacted by COVID-19, the California Apartment Association encourages you to reach out to your tenant with the template below.

Remote Court Mediation

During the pandemic, most Unlawful Detainer (eviction) courts as well as Small Claims courts are closed. Instead of offering in-person court mediation, we currently assist litigants through remote mediation by phone or video. If you are involved in a pending case in Unlawful Detainer, Civil Harassment or Small Claims Court, please contact us for mediation assistance.

Call us at (408) 414-5358

Postponed events, recruitment and trainings

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, volunteer mediator recruitment for the Palo Alto Mediation Program (PAMP) and the Mountain View Mediation Program (MVMP) are postponed until further notice. If you are interested in joining one of the programs, you can still submit your application to the respective case manager (see directory above).

The annual mediation training in cooperation with Mediate 2.0 is also postponed and will likely take place this fall instead.

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