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We are here to assist with disputes over rent payments, evictions or any other housing issues during COVID-19 and beyond.

Latest Information

  • Tenants currently need to apply for BOTH rental assistance and submit the declaration form (Tenant Forms - Housing Is Key (ca.gov)) in order to continue to be protected after the end of September. 
  • Beginning in October, tenants must pay their October 2021 rent 

Webinars and Videos

How to Apply for CA COVID-19 Rent Relief - Virtual Workshop for Tenants

CA COVID-19 Rent Relief - Virtual Workshop for San Mateo County Residents

How to Apply for CA COVID-19 Rent Relief - Virtual Workshop for Landlords

San Jose Tenant Rental Policies: Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

What does the extension of the #COVID19​ eviction moratorium mean for tenants and landlords?

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CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Overview Resources

(English and Español)


Links to Tenant and Landlord Forms:

If rent has not been paid as a result of COVID-related financial hardship, the following forms are required to be served by Landlords or Tenants to ensure compliance and protections.


Statewide Rent Relief:

Many counties’ rent relief funds are available through the State Program, including San Mateo County:

Please note that our AMI calculator calculates AMI specifically for the counties we serve.
Statewide Hotline: 1-833-687-0967​

State Application for Tenants and Landlords:

Local Rent Relief Programs:

Some cities and areas have their own rent relief programs. Please note that our resources includes information primarily for the counties and cities we serve below:

Please note:

  • Milpitas rent relief program is separate from the funds offered under SB 91 and so has different eligibility criteria. 

  • Fremont is administering its own program separate from the County.

  • San Mateo County residents must go through the State application process since they will not have their own locally administered or hybrid program.


Tenant and Landlord Checklists

(English and Español)

Judge's Table

Small Landlord Relief Information

If you are a small landlord by definition below, please click here or call our HUD Homeownership Housing Counseling Department (HHC) to learn about what might be available.

Call 408-470-3730


Need more help?

Contact us: (800) 339-6043


We can assist with the following:

  • Inform you about any laws that may affect you

  • Refer you to other agencies or organizations that may be able to help solve your problem

  • Provide counseling on the steps you can take

  • Help tenants and landlords work out a rent payment plan

  • Help property owners communicate with their lender

  • Etc.