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Section 504

Organization’s Mission: To develop and promote fairness and equality of housing for all persons and to advocate peaceful resolution of disputes for community welfare and harmony.


Position: Section 504 Coordinator


Location: Project Sentinel, 1490 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050


Reports to: Executive Director


Job Summary:

The Special Projects and 504 Coordinator is responsible for a dynamic and varied group of activities under the direction of the Executive Director. The Coordinator will manage numerous projects and direct special activities within the Housing Authority and be a representative of the Housing Authority within the community.


“Section 504 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in any program or activity that receives federal financial assistance. This means, for example, that persons with disabilities may not be denied the opportunity to participate in a program or activity because of their disability; may not be required to accept a different kind or lesser program or service than what is provided to others without disabilities, and may not be required to participate in separate programs and services from those available to persons without disabilities, even if separate programs and services exist. In general, with respect to housing, a housing provider may not deny or refuse to sell or rent to a person with a disability, and may not impose application or qualification criteria, rental fees or sales prices, and rental or sales terms or conditions that are different than those required of or provided to persons without disabilities. Housing providers may not require persons with disabilities to live only on certain floors, or in one section of the housing. Housing providers may not refuse to make repairs, and may not limit or deny someone with a disability access to recreational and other public and common use facilities, parking privileges, cleaning or janitorial services, or any services which are made available to other residents without disabilities. Additionally, persons with disabilities may not be denied the opportunity to serve on planning or advisory boards because of their disabilities.”


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Receive, investigate and respond to all requests and/or complaints from program participants and applicants regarding housing for people with disabilities and fair housing issues.

2. Conduct annual needs assessment and work with program managers to develop plan to best meet the needs of people with disabilities.

3. Oversee staff training at least annually.


Skills and Experience

  • Two years’ supervisory experience.

  • Demonstrated ability to work well with elderly and low-income persons and people with disabilities.

  • Possession of, or ability to acquire, a valid Driver’s License.

  • Development regulations as they relate to housing programs for low-income or elderly persons and people with disabilities.

  • Act independently.

  • Solve complex situations and diffuse explosive situations.

  • Approach problems pro-actively and be solution focused.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability regarding computer skills, especially Excel and word processing programs.

  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible in response to job demands to meet work needs, as well as ability to work well under stressful conditions.

  • Demonstrated excellence in communication of the English language, both written and spoken.

  • Ability to conduct presentations in a clear and professional manner.

  • Ability to perform general office procedures.

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