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Dispute Resolution Programs

Counseling and Mediation Programs by location

We contract with cities and counties all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Click below to find out how we can help.

Arbitration Programs

Mountain View Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act (CSFRA/Measure V)

Mountain View CSFRA Helpline: (650) 282-2514 | | File a petition


Project Sentinel serves as the first point of contact for Mountain View residents to counsel on their rights and responsibilities under the CSFRA and administers the hearing process since the Measure became effective. We are in charge of maintaining a panel of qualified facilitators and hearing officers and walk parties through the petition process until the dispute is resolved.


Hayward Residential and Mobilehome Rent Review Program


Hayward Program Administrator: (510) 709-4561 |

Since 2014, Project Sentinel administers the Rent Review Program under the City of Hayward Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance No 16-19 and the City of Hayward Mobilehome Space Rent Stabilization Ordinance No 89-057. We manage the dispute resolution process, taking the petitions from intake to closure by offering mediations, pre-hearing settlement conferences, meet and confers, and hearings. We offer regular trainings for prospective mediators and hearing officers and have accepted a number of new hearing officers due to an increasing number of petitions.

Los Gatos Rent Review Program

Los Gatos Program Administrator: (408) 402-0307

Project Sentinel administers the Rental Dispute Resolution Program under the Los Gatos Ordinance 2202 and the Los Gatos Mobile Home Ordinance (sections 14.80 and 14.85 respectively in the Town’s civil codes) since 2000. We offer counseling to both tenants and landlords about the local and statewide regulations. When a petition is filed, we initiate a conciliation process which may be followed by mediation. If the mediation does not result in an agreement, we set the case for arbitration and administer the hearing process until a final, binding decision is issued.

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