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We currently offer only offer an Online First Time Homebuyer Education Class due to Covid-19.

To register for the online course, follow steps one through four below "Online Homebuyer Education Class."

The online class meets HUD requirements for obtaining an 8-hour HUD certificate and is valid in all United States territories.  This certificate is required in order to participate in various BMR (Below Market Rate), BMP (Below Market Program), and DPA (Down Payment Assistance) homebuyer programs and or loans. For additional information, please see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section below.

We do plan to resume in-person classes, however we do not yet have a starting date.

We have had to increase our fees due to the fact that we are currently not funded by our local cities or county. 

Online Homebuyer Education Class

$99.00 fee per participant.

Course is available in Spanish.

To Receive a Certificate you must:

1. Complete the online course

2. Schedule & attend a one on one counseling session

Online Class

Step 1:

"Is this Course

right for me?"

Make sure the program you are applying for accepts online courses.

Refunds are not available.

Step 2:

Register for

the Course

$99.00 fee per pariticpant

One certificate per account. 

If a spouce or significant other needs a certificate, they will have to register on their own and complete the course.

Step 3:

Complete the Course

Complete the Course at your own pace.

Access is available 24/7.

Step 4:

Schedule a Counseling Session

You will receive an email to schedule your appointment after reaching 100% course completion.

  You must complete counseling to receive your certificate.

Online Steps
Class In-Person

In-Person Homebuyer Education Class

There is a $99.00 fee per person.

To Receive a Certificate you must:

1. Attend the entire class

2. Turn in the Assessment

Step 1:

Download Assessment

Participants must complete the Assessment prior to the class.

We will collect the last page.

Step 2:

Register For A Class

Select a class date to attend. 

There is a $99.00 fee per person.

Step 3:

Attend Class

Please arrive on time.

Doors automatically open at 8:00am.

Late arrivals will not be admitted.

Step 4:

"I attended a class,

what do I do now?"

Inquire about free 1:1 counseling.

Or sign up for one of our free Homeownership Fairs.

Steps In-Person

Have additional questions?

Need a reissued certificate?

Contact us!

Thanks! Message sent.

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