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Central Valley Workers' Rights Helpline

Project Sentinel and Legal Aid at Work have partnered up to launch a new project for workers’ rights in the Central Valley. Legal Aid at Work is a workers' rights non-profit that provides free legal services to low-wage workers throughout the state.


The new project is aimed at serving workers, regardless of immigration status, who are facing workplace problems such as discrimination, retaliation, and harassment; wage theft; accommodations and leave; unemployment insurance; immigration-based retaliation; rights of survivors of domestic violence and stalking; LGBTQ workers' rights; and issues related to COVID-19.


Workers can get connected with these services by calling Legal Aid at Work's Central Valley Helpline at 209-497-4399.

Project Sentinel Central Valley Services:


Provide counsel to both tenants and landlords on what the law dictates, we do not provide legal advice.

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Explain options for problem resolution.

Contact all parties to a problem to seek mutual agreement.


Provide neutral counsel to both tenants and landlords.


Helped a tenant get $1,200 of a $1,400 security deposit returned after vacating the unit.

Moving House
Window Insulation

Helped a tenant get needed repairs to a broken window and dysfunctional heating system.

Educated the property owner that demanding proof of citizenship from tenant applicants was illegal and a civil rights violation.

Property Listings

Educated a property manager that the victim of domestic abuse has the right to break a lease early without financial penalty.

Educated a tenant that they could be evicted for exceeding the reasonable occupancy limit of 5 people in a two bedroom apartment.

Modular Homes
Children Playing Tug of War

Helped a property owner adopt reasonable rules of conduct for families with children where children could play outside free from discrimination.

Educated tenants and property owners of the protections and obligations of AB 1482 and AB 3088.

Moving into a New Home

Please call to speak with us:


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