Executive Director

Ann Marquart has been the Executive Director of Project Sentinel, Santa Clara, CA, since 1978.  Over the years, Ann expanded the agency from one office and two staff members to seven (7) offices and thirty-eight (38) employees.  Ann received her Bachelor’s degree, with honors, in Journalism from the University of California at Berkeley in 1971 and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Planning from the State University of New York in 1972.  Ann was the recipient of the Clarence R. Johnson, Sr., Award for Inspirational Leadership in Promoting Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (2003), and the Fair Housing Initiative Program Partnership Award (2004).


Executive Assistant, Manager of all things

Sara Cottrell has been working for the agency on and off since 2012.  She did some work as a Housing Coordinator, Front-Desk Office Coordinator and eventually worked her way to Executive Assistant-Office Manager. She has been working full time with the agency for four (4) years.


Florecita Tumusok handles Human Resources for Project Sentinel. Florecita has a Bachelors in Social Work and started working with Project Sentinel as Admin Analyst in 2003. She left her full-time employment with Project Sentinel to work with the Shasta County from 2008 to 2014, but even during that time continued to work part-time for the agency assisting in grants and other funding proposals. She officially took the Human Resources functions in 2015.


Mitzi Miranda is our part time Front Desk Receptionist in our Santa Clara office. She has been employed with Project Sentinel since 2019. She’s has worked 7 years of customer service and  is currently attending De Anza College to receive her A.A. degree in Business Administration.


Alejo has joined Project Sentinel as Outreach Support. He has been assisting the agency as a whole. He has a natural ability for car mechanics and has rebuilt several cars. He has a passion to help others, especially new immigrant households like his own family. Alejo has volunteered at many car sponsored events serving the community. 

Housing Discrimination

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Housing Discrimination Director

Tenant-Landlord Dispute Resolution


Elizabeth Guzman is the director of Dispute Resolution Programs at Project Sentinel.  Ms. Guzman comes to Project Sentinel with a solid background in law and dispute resolution.  She is a graduate of the Monterey College of Law and the University of Oregon with double majors: Geography and Planning, Public Policy and Management.  Ms. Guzman has been active in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution since 2010 and has managed court and community mediation programs in Monterey County for the Mandell Gisnet Center for Conflict Management and has worked as an instructor and mediator for the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County.


Scott manages the San Jose Hotline for Landlord and the Tenant Landlord Dispute Resolution Programs for the City of Gilroy and Unincorporated Santa Clara County/Morgan Hill.  Scott believes in educating tenants and landlords about rights and obligations and always takes the extra step to help parties resolve disagreements short of being compelled to resort to court.  He has lived and worked locally and abroad, and has been with Project Sentinel for seven years.  He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California Santa Cruz and graduate work at both Gonzaga University School of Law and New York University of School.


Mark has been a Certified Workplace Mediator since 2002, joining Project Sentinel in 2010. He is good at cultivating trust with diverse personalities by creating a safe environment in which parties can clarify issues, identify underlying concerns, and develop an understanding of their respective needs. Mark has been a guest speaker throughout the community on workplace conflicts, achieving operational excellence, high performance teams, and managing change. He is a member of the Stanislaus County Superior Court ADR Panel and the Tuolumne County Civil Mediation Panel.


Blanca has been with Project Sentinel for over 12 years. She manages in-court mediations for Small Claims, Unlawful Detainer cases, and Property Division cases in Stanislaus County. Blanca also provides advisory services for the Small Claims, Unlawful Detainer, and Civil Harassment Courts. At Project Sentinel she is famous for the delicious homemade cupcakes she brings to every all staff meeting.


Emily manages the hearing process for Mountain View’s rent stabilization program including recruiting, training and supporting a panel of Hearing Officers.  Since the rent stabilization act was passed by voters in late 2016, she has supported the City’s efforts to efficiently implement the law and to educate and counsel landlords and tenants alike about law’s provisions. Emily initially came to Project Sentinel excited to put her mediation skills to use helping tenants and landlords in her community resolve their disputes and better their communication with each other.  She has a B.A. in International Relations and Spanish from UC Davis, a J.D. from Santa Clara University of Law, is licensed by the California State Bar and has roots in the Bay Area going back 4 generations.


Tessa manages the Santa Clara County Court Mediation Program. Tessa is passionate about greasing the wheels of human communication in all the ways, big and small, that make a difference, and has mediated conflict between groups and individuals in Germany, France, and the Bay Area. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in urban planning and a Master’s degree in mediation and private law and speaks German, French and Spanish.


Maria Jimenez manages the Mountain View Mediation Program. As a neutral party, she educates landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities and and assists them in resolving their disputes. Maria joined Project Sentinel after having worked in the insurance industry for 25+ years because she was searching for an organization that focuses on restoring communication by providing a safe environment to work out solutions to their disputes. Maria is fluent in English and Spanish and has a great sense of humor. She enjoys gardening and loves to see life unfold right before her eyes. 


Iseñia Macias graduated in 2018 with an Associate’s Degree in Human Development from Ohlone College. Isenia is a San Francisco native and has devoted herself working in the non-profit community in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Central Valley for the past twelve years. She comes to Project Sentinel as a tenant-landlord case manager. Isenia has a deep appreciation for how non-profit organizations work to improve the quality of life for our local communities one day at a time.


Sandy is the case manager for Santa Clara and also works on San Jose Outreach Programs. For 22 years, Sandy was counsel and general counsel to high tech companies such as Apple, Cypress Semiconductor, 3Com and Autodesk.  She also opened a private practice as a mediator and family law attorney. She retired in 2015 until she was offered an opportunity to come to Project Sentinel.  Although landlord/tenant matters are new to her, she loves the challenge. Sandy is passionate about educating people and erasing the stigma of mental illness. Sandy has a BA in Classics, and MA in Comparative Literature (Latin), and a JD in law.


Mark Nagales is the San Mateo County Outreach Coordinator. He is responsible for planning and implementing outreach activities that inform the community of available services provided by Project Sentinel. He also establishes working relationships with a wide spectrum of the community, including government officials, social service organizations, and individual households. Mark has a BA in History and Political Science from San Francisco State. He enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and watching the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors.


For more than 18 years Mark Thomasee has worked for Project Sentinel in various positions including mediation case manager, landlord-tenant counselor, and small claims court advisor.  From 2012 to 2017 he was the case manager for the Residential Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Program under contract with the City of Fremont.  Currently, Mark provides counseling to Fremont and Milpitas residents on landlord-tenant issues and affordable housing.  Mark is a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law.  In addition to serving the community, Mark enjoys Argentine tango, learning Spanish, and striving to make perfect homemade chocolate.


Monica currently works as Dispute Resolution Specialist and Case Manager primarily in the Cupertino and Los Altos jurisdictions. In addition, Monica assists in the management of the Santa Clara County Unlawful Detainer Court Mediation Program. Monica is passionate about helping others manage and understand conflict and find ways to resolve through mediation and conciliation. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and has worked in the area of conflict resolution for most of her career, including time as a Restorative Justice victim/offender, parent/teen, community, small claims, civil harassment and Unlawful Detainer mediator. Monica is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Housing Counseling

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Housing Counseling Director


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Senior Housing Counselor

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Senior Reverse Mortgage Counselor

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Reverse Mortgage Counselor 

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First Time Home Buyer Class Coordinator

Case Manager

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